Creative Designer
Creative Designers
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1.    Architectural drawings and designs of Residences, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial buildings, Office buildings, community buildings, schools etc.

                                                             I.                   Conceptual drawing

                                                             II.                   Plans

                                                             III.                  Elevations

                                                             IV.                  Sections

                                                              V.                  View

                                                             VI.                  Municipal Drawings\ Passing drawings

2.     Interior Designing  

                                                                 I.            Furniture layout drawings

                                                                II.            False ceiling designs

                                                               III.            Furniture designing

                                                               IV.            Designs of Wardrobe, cabinets, beds, door window and many more.

                                                                V.            Furnishings details

                                                               VI.            Colour concepts

                                                               VII.            Floor designing

                                                            VIII.            Designing of each and every corner of an internal space for useful purposes.

                                                                IX.            Modern and suitable techniques are preferred

3.     Valuation of real estate and immovable properties

4.     Approval and passing of drawings through certified architects

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